About Us

The Irish Elasmobranch Group was established in 1997, by scientists involved in shark, skate and ray research in Ireland, with the primary goal of bringing together all those who are interested in these fish, to help conserve native populations for future generations.

For several years the group was inactive, but as of March 2018, a new committee has been formed and the objectives and resolution of the group renewed.

Membership of the group is now open to anyone with an interest in the Elasmobranchs of Irish waters, whether it is professional, academic or recreational capacity. Anglers are particularly welcome as their knowledge of sharks, skates and rays is of specific importance.

By working together, we can make a difference to the future of Irish Elasmobranch species, through education, conservation and lobbying for increased legislation and protected areas.


The main aims of the group are:

  1. To advance the conservation of elasmobranchs in Irish and international waters
  2. To promote and disseminate elasmobranch research in Ireland
  3. To promote the sustainable management of exploited elasmobranch stocks
  4. To provide a public resource of educational material on elasmobranchs
  5. To prevent the duplication of research effort through improved communication between researchers in Ireland and abroad