In 2022, the IEG in partnership with Project SIARC and Inland Fisheries Ireland hosted a #CSIOfTheSea Angelshark examination in #Ireland kindly supported and hosted by all those at UCD Veterinary Hospital.

This event was following on from another event previously held in #Wales and wouldn’t have been possible without the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme- UK strandings Aberystwyth Vet School and the help of the fisher who reported the accidental bycatch and the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority- Ireland.

Angelsharks are only found in limited locations around the UK and Ireland, and very little is known about their biology and ecology. These examinations allowed us to gather vital biological information on these Critically Endangered species from the northernmost part of their range.

The event also offered the opportunity for groups and individuals from all sectors to come together to identify next steps for Angelshark conservation and research in Ireland. It was in resounding agreement that the attempts need to be collaborative. Incorporating not only state agencies, scientists and NGOs, but also the fishers and local fishing communities all around Ireland, who are integral to safeguarding this species for generations to come and as a result Angel Shark Project: Ireland has been established.

To learn more please check out the blog post

The event was kindly funded by @On the Edge @Cronfa Treftadaeth y Loteri Gen / National Lottery Heritage Fund – Cymru @Welsh Government @Llywodraeth Cymru #NatureNetworksFund National Lottery Good Causes


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